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IcePlanet: International figure skating camp

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General rules of the camp


According to many years of summer camp , we fixed some big lines regarding behavior during the camp. This lines are a guideline on the way to harmony and perfect training ambient. Thanks by advance to apply. Thanks you for reading and taking it like a life moto during your stay.

-Being respectfull with all members of the camp ( Coaches, skaters or other people in the center)

-Giving the best everyday at every training session to reach my personnal goals

-No tabacco, no drugs, no doping products and no alcohol in any case in the center

-No entertainmement communication allowed in the rooms between 22:00 and 7:30 for a better qualitiy of work on and off-ice and to prevent injury due to bad quality resting time. Entertainmement communications mean laptop, tablet or smatphone communications like messenger, skype or equivalent and sms phone communications. The phone could stay switch on for only important use.

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