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IcePlanet: International figure skating camp

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Eric De Mena Flag of France.svg

Camp director,

Head coach at BKK Bergen, Norway 

BEES2 skating (International level of European coaching),MBA in Sport Science & Psychology. National french team (junior & senior international level).
As coach, he managed to be 3 times the champion of France, 8 times the champion of Norway, 1 time the Belgium champion. 

Speciality: Coordination, management, psychological approach for optimization

Question (Q): Who are your favorite skaters?

Answer (A): Kurt Browning and Scott Hamilton. I started to skate because of Scott.

Q: Best memory as a coach?

A: The next one to come. Always looking forward

Q: How many time did you join Iceplanet camp? 

A: I create the camp, and I took part in all of them.

Q: Which week will you be there? 

A: I will be there for all three weeks.

Languages spoken: 

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