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IcePlanet: International figure skating camp

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Arnaud Muccini Flag of France.svg

Head coach at LKK, expert in video analysis and performance optimization at Lidköping, Sweden

BEES2 skating (International level of European coaching), Arnaud worked with Véronique Guyon, former coach of Brian Joubert, 2007 World Champion. Arnaud, coach and expert in video analysis, has worked with many international skaters. He will organize during the camp many video analysis workshops. To know more about his work, please visit

Speciality: Video analysis / Performance optimization

Question (Q) : Who are your favorite skaters?

Answer (A) : I love Kurt Browning  and Katarina Witt.  Stephane Lambiel also.

Q: Best memory as a coach? 

A: All triple jumps succeed in one session for the first time by Tristan Perrochon (France/  Novice). He did triple salchow, triple loop, triple flip and triple lutz (two feet)

Q: How many times did you join Iceplanet camp?

A: this year it will be the seventh time 

Q: Which week will you be there? 

A: I will be there for all three weeks

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