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IcePlanet: International figure skating camp

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Why participate to IcePlanet camp?

Method of work based on variety and diversity:

Having coaches from different nationalities brings an incomparable experience. Our coaches have also worked in many different countries and acquired the necessary knowledges to provide an enriching experience.

Using parachutes during powerskatingJump harness: perfect tool to work jumps safely

Limited amount of skater per group:

The quality of training is assured by having only a small number of skaters with each coach. This allows a better and faster technical & artistic improvement.
Monitoring of all courses takes place as well for maximum efficiency.

 Limited amount of skater per group

Andorra, an amazing place for sport:

Canillo provides everything to practice your passion, improve and acheive your personnal goals. It is a small village of Andorra but one of the best sport spots in Europe with the best facilites. Campers and the staff use gymnasium, dance room, olympic ice-rink etc...  Check more in details all sport facilities used by

Many reconized experts, choreographers are present at the camp:

IcePlanet invites many guest coaches, choregrapher, technical specialist, dance teacher, video analysist  to offer the best technical and artistic contents for each skater. Some guest coaches are avalaible only in private session.

IcePlanet offers also a professional sharpening and blade mounting. In a partnership with InterGlace, the biggest figure skating shop in France, there is a temporary shop during the camp. To know more about this, please to contact Us. There is also 2 pole harness specialists to help skaters. This take out is a good tool to learn and improve new jumps.

Professional sharpening and blades mounting

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