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Coach, expert in video analysis and performance optimization

 IcePlanet: International figure skating summer camp is really proud to introduce you  Perform'Live: a compagny based in stavanger, Norway. It's a company that offers video training sessions and video analysis to help learning and performance optimization. Arnaud Muccini is the founder and the CEO. Iceplanet and Perform'Live collaborate since 2008.  

Can you answer to this simple question? Are you sure you can trust your eyes? Watch this:


Video analysis helps to see all details

See all detailsAdvanced stromotion of a triple lutz executed by Adelina Sotnikova (RUS).

You can use video in many ways in figure skating and in many sports. The main goal is to create added value to help your athlete to perform.

Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes better. To acheive this goal, video tools (video training and analysis) are perfect assets to help to make better. You can't hide details on the video.  A stromotion is a filming technique used in animation, which the camera is stopped aftter filming each frame or every few frames so as to allow objects within the scene, such as clay figures or paper cutouts, to be adjusted for the following frame. (To read more about this topic, please click HERE).

In sports there is no irrelevant detail; all details are important

Rafael Arutunian, champion figure skating coach


Expert in video analysis and performance optimizationExpert in video analysis

An analysis made on the ice to explain details to a skater. On this picture, you can see an extract of a double axel (stromotion effect) with many drawnings.  

As coach, specialised in video analysis for ice sports ( ice hockey, figure skating, ice dance, speed skating etc..), I developped many techniques tooptimize performance and follow-up of the skater. Passionnate of technology, I use all tools avalaible in the performance support and learning to enrich the work of coaches. I gained a high level of biomechanic competence.

Before talking performance, you teach the good move. The video tool is helpful for coach and skater. For coach because you get an excellent support to show to skater what the coach expects. For skater because he will have a better understanding. He can see his move, listen coach's explanation or remember his feeling.

Advanced user Dartfish

Advanced user Dartfish

Example of video analysis made with Dartfish software. Key positions with comments and drawnings ( angle, time, line etc...).

Since many years, I became an advanced user of Dartfish, mastering all aspects of video analysis tools. Dartfish is the most powerful video analysis system in the market. Dartfish is a computer video analysis sotfware program that is used to analyse all aspects ( Technique, tactics, opponent...etc). Dartfish is more a partner for Perform'Live than a supplier.

Dayly, coaches and athletes who use video analysis,  improve faster. See all details is a leitmotiv for a competitor. Video helps in learning and performance optimization. A fully integrated solution. Please visit

“Arnaud Muccini has reached the top of great Dartfish experts in figure skating. His technical abilities linked to his knowledge of sport have made him a very valuable asset for any figure skating federation, team or club.”

Victor Bergonzali, CEO Dartfish